FACIN LAB, Face, Affect and Communication Laboratory, develops research in Facial Expression, Nonverbal Behavior, Emotions, Affect, Stress, Well-Being and Communication.


We share the interest for Affective Sciences and the growing valorization of affective phenomena shown by the scientific community. Given this interest, we also named this laboratory AFFECTIVE SCIENCES LABORATORY.


In the area of Facial Expression we develop coding studies of facial expression (FACS Technique) and decoding studies, emphasizing natural contexts in data collection.


In the Affect area we develop research about emotions, stress, well-being and mindfulness.


In the Communication area we develop research about emotional and communicational competences and self-presentation strategies.


Our objectives are the constitution of research teams in various research areas, and the establishment of partnerships, either in research or in intervention.


We are focused in the articulation of knowledge with practice, emphasizing an intervention perspective in different contexts (health and well-being, work, clinical, education, sports, politics and criminal).