Institute of Cognitive Psychology - University of Coimbra

The IPC has an active research line on facial cognition, centred at present on two FCT funded projects. It uses an experimental approach to facial expressions which conjoins the use of Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement with the synthetic modeling of FACS-defined action units, treated as independent variables. Among the issues addressed are (a) how expressive information is picked out and combined from the face (the cognitive algebra of facial expressions); (b) how contextual information operates on focal expressive features (configuraly or independently?); (c) what rules guide the imputation of missing information in the face (are there imputations and of what sort?); (d) what effects do inversion and the shortening of presentation durations have on facial expression processing (can holistic processing receive a precise meaning?).


Affective Sciences Lab - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Lines of research: 

  • Emotional experience
  • Everyday conceptions of emotion
  • Emotional expression
  • Patterns of action-behaviour


Institute of Psychology - University of Innsbruck

Research Centre Emotion-Cognition-Interaction EMKONT


Atlantica University  

Research developed in Affective Sciences and Applied Psychology to health, communitary and organizational contexts


Department of Psychology - University of Évora

Research developed in master dissertation and doctoral thesis orientations: Facial expressions of pain; emotional intelligence and mindfulness; organizational culture, stress and well-being; Facial expressions, competence and eligibility of political leaders; Identities and Facial Expressions; Smile in selection interviews.