14th European Conference on Facial Expression

16 -18 July 2012


The conference, hosted by the Facin Lab, and organized in cooperation with the Institute of Cognitive PsychologyUniversity of Coimbra , Institute Piaget and the Institute of Psychology, University of Innsbruck, intended to promote discussion over challenges and future directions in this field of research. Thus the theme of the edition was New Challenges for Research


The program included invited communications, free communications, workshops, symposia and posters. The 14th European Conference on Facial Expression was addressed not only to scholars and researchers, but also to the vast community of people interested in the study of facial expressions. 


A wide area of topics were presented, including: 

 — Functions and roles of facial expression; 

— Interpretation of facial expressions in context; 

— Facial expression in face-to-face interactions; 

— Facial behavior in psychological disorders and psychotherapy; 

— Facial expression in groups and cultural levels; 

— Integrative theoretical perspectives encompassing controversial data; 

— Well established and emerging fields of application (e.g. organizational and health contexts); 

— Methodological approaches. 

Additional topics focused on affective phenomena (affect and emotions) were also presented. 



Thank you for your participation!


The Organizing Committee 

Cristina de Sousa 

Armando Mónica de Oliveira